Types of moles – checking moles on your skin


Take into account that there are different types of moles that can grow on your skin. Consequently, you should also know that moles can grow on the different parts of your body. This is the reason why you should fervently check if your body moles are malignant or benign. When you talk about a malignant mole, there is a high risk that the moles on skin on your body can become cancerous. With regards to types of skin moles that are benign, it is not cancerous at all.

Now, to determine if your skin tags are malignant or not, the first thing you should take a look at is the shape of the mole. This means that it must be rounded or oval in shape. Moreover, it should be smooth enough to touch and it should not be dark in color (pinkish is the normal color). The last thing you should know is the size of the mole. It should not grow more than 6mm in diameter. Hence, with these ways in determining if the mole you have, you can surely know if it is malignant or not.

Types of moles on the body

Bear in mind that there are around 40 types of skin tags that can be found all over your body. These moles can be acquired once you are born or the moles on skin can appear as you age. Now, here are some of the types of skin tags that may appear on your skin.

Halo naevus – This kind of mole has a light circular color on its ring sides. Its color may change over a period of time. Teenagers usually have this kind of skin tag but it will eventually vanish as teenagers grow older.

Spitz moles – this kind of mole is not usually dangerous since it grows on your body normally. The reason to why this mole grows is because of excess melanocytes in your body.

Blue moles – Blue moles are typically found in the arms, neck and head of women. As the name implies, it blue in color.

Seborrhreic keratoses – This kind of mole usually is found in older men and women. Typically, it is black or brown in color and it seems its fixed on to your skin.

These are just some of the types of skin moles that can be found on a skin of a person.

Types of moles – removing moles on your skin

Always remember that if the mole on your skin is malignant, it is best to have a mole removal. But then again, you still have to consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and proper treatment. Hence, determine the types of moles on your skin now and see if it needs to be removed or not

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