The Best Way of Removing Skin Tags Yourself

how to get rid of skin tags

If you are really looking for the absolute best way to remove skin tags yourself, then I’m glad that you found my website and I strongly recommend that you keep reading. This is my comprehensive and uncensored skin tag dilemma. I am going to give you the whole enchilada. All of my trials and tribulations, which options were a waste of time, and finally the only thing that really did help me to remove my skin tags at home.

You see I used to be just like you.  I had over a dozen of those unsightly skin tags on my neck, in my armpits, and in one more place I am too embarrassed to mention.  Every time I looked in the mirror I felt depressed by the site of my ugly skin tags. I felt too ashamed to wear my swim suit in public, and I actually used to only wear high collar tops to hide the skin tags on my neck.  I finally decided that I had to do something about it.  I just couldn’t stand it anymore.

I wanted to find a way to get rid of skin tags once and for all.  So I started to do a little research.  The first thing I read up on was the professional options available.  I could go to an expensive doctor and let them use a laser or another process that they use to freeze them off.  Both of these options were too expensive, as I have a limited budget.  Cosmetic surgery just didn’t make sense for my financial situation.

I also wanted to find an inexpensive alternative that would let me do my skin tag removal at home.  I mean how hard can it be, right?  Well the first thing I tried was the barbaric technique.  Basically it involves sterilizing a pair of small scissors or nail clippers and then snipping the thing off.  I actually tried this one time. It was a lot more painful and bloody than I expected.  Once was enough, I had to find a better way.

The next thing I tried was the tie it off and let it die technique.  Yes this is as unsanitary and gross as it sounds.  Basically you get a short piece of fishing line or dental floss.  Then you pull your skin tag as far out as you can and tie it off near the skin with a tight knot.  Then you wait 2 or 3 days, hoping you tied it tight enough and close enough to the skin for it to die and fall off without leaving half of the tag behind or getting infected.  I thought to myself, there must be another way.

Now if you are like me and really want to remove skin tags yourself, don’t give up hope.  I finally came across the perfect solution.   I really could not believe how well it worked. It only took 3 or 4 days and all of my skin tags were gone.  The only thing I didn’t like is the paste which is an integral part of this skin tag removal home remedy can get a little messy.  But it is easy and very inexpensive to make.

The product is called “Warts, Moles, and Skin Tags Removal” and it was developed for removing skin tags yourself.   You see it uses a similar process to wart removal or mole removal.  So if you have a problem with moles and warts this will also help you with that.  If not, just skip to the chapter on skin tag removal at home.  It gives you easy to follow step by step directions.

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