Skin Tags are Never a Problem – Removing Skin Tags Yourself

Skin Tags Removal

Skin tags aren’t something unusual to find during the course of one’s life. Maybe you have had a skin tag and are wondering what to do about it and need to discover ways and means of removing skin tags yourself. So what is this skin tag all about and what causes these skin tags? A skin tag is a small projection or a skin growth, scale, as you wish to name, with a little stalk that is mostly seen in the areas that cause wrinkles. So places in your body such as the armpits, eyelids, crotch, chest and more such places are the common to harbor skin tags when compared to the rest.

The causative agent of skin tag is usually not identified. Skin tags are mostly present in women and men who fall under the range of 40 – 50 years old. They are also believed to be a result of skin that is chaffed and constantly rubbed at. Pregnant women also develop skin tags as a result of the hormonal changes that occur within them. Also, it is well-known that obesity is a factor that preludes diabetes and constant shots with insulin could also lead to the development of skin tags.

So, all said and done about skin tags. What are remedies that you can follow for removing skin tags yourself? Some would suggest the usage of nail color for removing your skin tags. But be cautious, as these contain certain chemicals, which can turn, the other way round when used in certain sensitive areas such as the eyelids and other such sensitive places. While some recommend a mix of castor oil and baking soda to be applied to the area affected with skin tags, some recommend the usage of tea tree oil for the removal.

Another way of removal would be the duct-tape method. Just apply the duct tape around the areas affected with skin tags for a while and make sure you repeat it often. During the course, of time, these duct tapes would help the skin tags to wither away, and the skin tag is gone. If this does not work out within a period of two – three days, repeat it until the tag deteriorates and goes away. Sometimes, the usage of a mild acid such as vinegar might also be helpful in the removal of skin tags. There is also another method advocated, where a thread, a thin one, is tied around the skin tag for its removal. This wades off the circulation in the area around the skin tag and thus helps its removal. Although it might be a little risky, as the area around the skin tag might get inflamed, this is also one method suggested by many users.

Even though, skin tags are mild growths of excessive skin and mostly not harmful, it would be wise to consult a doctor before self medication.  Sometimes, these skin tags may lead to more deliberate problems and removing skin tags yourself might not always be useful as expected. All these methods of home remedies and self medication are only to be taken as a means of guidance.

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