Skin tag causes – scientific studies

skin tags

According to studies by experts in the field of medicine, there are no definite answers with regards to skin tag causes. The main reason to this is because there are so many factors that need to be considered and one of these is there is no actual health threat to having a skin tag. So what is a skin tag anyway? Well, a skin tag is an abnormal skin growth that can be found in the different parts of your body. It can be found on your face, neck, head, arms, armpits, groins and even on the genital area.

As for your information, anyone can acquire a skin tag. Although you can say that there are some who don’t have any, there will come a time (especially when they get older) wherein a skin tag will appear in their body. That is why a skin tag removal is the best option if in the case it is unattractive and it is prominent on an open skin.

Skin tag causes – treatments

Once a skin tag has been detected and the causes have been determined, the best option for many individuals who have it is to remove skin tag using the best remedies. Here are some skin tag treatments that can be done.

Freeze treatment – One of the easiest and fastest ways is freezing skin tags. This can only be done by dermatologists and other licensed health care providers. However, the treatment can be expensive since the equipment that’s being used is expensive itself.

Heat treatment – The method here is also termed as cauterizing wherein the skin tags are removed by electrically heating the skin cells. The next part is to cut of the skin tags using a scissor. To alleviate the pain during the treatment, a local anesthesia can be injected on the skin. Moreover, because of the heat treatment, bleeding will stop since the skin has been burned at a fast rate.

Natural treatment – Natural treatment can be applied at home. You can apply the thread and tie method or you can also apply topical creams that can be purchased over the counter.

Skin tag causes – making your skin free from blemishes

Remember that skin tags can always grow. However, you should maintain having a blemish free skin by making your body always clean and avoid pollutants that may harm your skin. You can also purchase over the counter products that will aid in making your skin glow and free from skin tags. With these, you are assured that skin tag causes will not be a question you need to ask anymore since you know that there are definite remedies that can be applied

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