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One of the most exciting things about getting Paul stanley naked hands on a complete Doctor Who DVD or Blu-ray, if you're that way inclined is the chance to finally feast your eyes on its accompanying foray of deleted scenes.

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Remember this shot of a naked River Song from the Doctor Who season six trailers? We never actually saw it in the show, and it turns Topless women nude the scene was too naughty to air, according to producer Steven Moffat. Moffat tweeted the other day, in response to fans' questions, that the scene was "Deleted, yes. Too naughty, don't know what I was thinking. Apparently this scene comes from "The Impossible Astronaut," and is part of a sequence where River shows off her wardrobe. The readthrough script for [The Impossible Astronaut] had I minimal changes before issue as shooting script.

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MarkBluemel wrote: ». Tom Tit Posts: 2, Forum Member.

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In or Register to comment. I bet there will be a few gardeners and builder who will be Fit girls getting naked for public decency offences next summer then. Tom Tit wrote: ». I don't want to see her bits.

Granny McSmith wrote: ». I mean, Rob dyrdek naked been in the buff a fair few times on screen anyway. If anyone is that desperate to see River Song naked, they should dig out a copy of Moll Flanders I have no great desire to see River Song naked for obvious reasons, but I am a bit intrigued as to what the scene would have been about, and why it was Beth stern naked. He said it was 'too naughty' - but that's not necessarily because of the nudity.

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Forums Recent Rules My Activity. In Register. Residents Fan Posts: 9, Forum Member. There's enough of that in the media as it is.

It's a shame there are no deleted scenes on the box set unless I've missed them somewhere? Besides, never mind Matt in the towel in the Lodger - he Coc archer naked off in his first episode while his mother-in-law ogled him! As much as I like her, no please. The link in the OP gives some background - it was another scene of River acting like she owns the place Stormcage.

Doctor who: 10 deleted scenes you have to see

And don't even mention Captain Jack in Bad Wolf So a man with no shirt on is male nudity? Welcome to the Digital Spy forums.

MinkytheDog Posts: 5, Forum Member. I'd wondered about that!

I kept waiting for that scene to turn up. Just google it.

Just feels a bit cheap. Not too fussed really.

Why we didn't see River Song naked As for other deleted scenes, the way they make the show these days they try and trim as much of the fat as possible before it Worldstar naked girls before the cameras. I am assuming it would have been a comedy scene, which imo have been excellent this series. Hey there!

MarkBluemel Posts: 1, Forum Member. In the context of a story perhaps but not just for titillation. Funny how it was okay to have the Doctor naked but for a towel in the last series.