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Series Specific Question. That's kinda clever but is there any source on that aside from your brother? I remember seeing a picture of some manga strip where it explains that she Naked couples walking panties but makes them invisible. Case closed. Then whats the point of wearing them?

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Ariana grande naked booty doesn't seem so. But I guess that is that. The best theory I've heard is that she is wearing panties but uses magic to make them invisible because no one is worthy of seeing a goddess' panties. W-where can I get this figure? Why do i feel so defeated? This has become a running joke among konosuba fans so don't worry- you're not the only one. Is aqua from Konosuba naked? Just remember that somebody actually went to the store and took this picture.

Continue this Shannon sisters nude. As for the anime, someone made this comic with the idea that she usually wears them but makes them invisible because she didn't want anyone to see them.

Posted by 5 years ago. Gotta check for myself and make sure it isn't photo shopped. Sort by: best. Where is this from? Halt and Catch Fire.

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Suze orman nude Thank you everyone, I believe we have some solid answers here. This is the best Answer. Well then. In the anime it kind of became a joke so I think they will avoid ever presenting evidence that she does wear them.

Theres a whole science behind it. I will not give you a tl;dr so just read the comments. Does not look like pant.

In the LN, she definitely is wearing pantsu. Halt and Catch Fire I take it back.

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More posts from the Animesuggest community. Has someone told Japan this is not helping their brithrate problem?

Is she wearing anything in the bottom? Suggest an anime, manga, light novel, or visual novel that you've seen and loved, or ask about what to watch, read, or play next! Apparently the author saw the comic and said "sure, why not. I take it back. In the source material there is no doubt she does, they are visible Hairy naked hippies times.

The panties on his head and the cat looking distressed is the cherry on top. I know this sounds perverted, but I am watching season 2 and this is driving me freaking crazy. Created Aug 27, Top posts february 15th Top posts of Sara evens naked, Top posts Back to Top. Found the internet!