Dermatend Way to Remove Skin Tags

Skin Tags Removal

If you are currently living with moles or skin tags and are fed up with being embarrassed or ashamed of their existence on your face or body, there are alternative options available to you if you are looking for a solution other than surgery. I am definitely no stranger to having moles and skin tags scattered about on my face and body. And although these benign skin growths are mostly harmless if left alone, what serious damage they are able to do is mostly to your self-esteem.

I had already tried mole removal surgery, years earlier and it was no longer an option that I could afford. Besides the cost, I could never make up my mind about going through with another shaving procedure or worse, a surgical excision. However, years later while surfing the Internet, I came across various, natural, home remedy treatments for safely removing moles and skin tags and couldn’t believe that an actual alternative for getting rid of moles and skin tags, other than surgery was available. To make a long story short, I decided to give Dermatend a try because it came with a full money back guarantee. I really understand what it feels like to have moles and skin tags permanently attached to your face or body, which are impossible to hide and always take center stage. Because of the way they stood out, I always felt self-conscious about my appearance, every time I made contact with people I didn’t know and even with people I did know. It can become quite a burdensome way to go through life. Especially for people who aren’t aware that natural home remedies exist and aren’t able to afford the more conventional methods for mole and skin tag removal. I’m just glad that I no longer have to go through life worrying, or feeling shy or depressed about my appearance.

What Is Dermatend

Dermatend is an all natural, homeopathic remedy which is used to safely treat and remove moles, skin tags and warts on the face and body when used as directed. The active ingredient found in Dermatend comes from a plant whose official name is sanguineria canadensis. It is also referred to as Bloodroot, Bloodwort and Indianmud because of the brown and red color of the root part of this plant that is used for it’s dissolving properties. This silky white flowering plant is native to Canada and the southeastern United States and was first discovered by Native Americans as a treatment and cure for warts and moles. Dermatend contains three active alkaloids which work by penetrating into the abnormal skin cells of the blemish until the mole, skin tag or wart begins a pain free dissolving process without causing harm to the surrounding healthy skin tissue.

My Results:

Using Dermatend for the First Time On A Large Skin Tag

After preparing my Skin Tag according to the package directions, I applied a light coat of the Dermatend ointment to my entire skin tag that was located on my right hip just below my waist. I then applied a bandage over the skin tag and waited for the scab to form the next day. After the scab formed, it began to turn a dark color before falling off, approximately four days later. After my blemish had a little time to heal, I then applied a second application of the Dermatend cream to the same skin tag, and noticed a definite change in size to my skin tag then when I had first started using Dermatend. After that scab fell off and healed, I then repeated the same steps as before and reapplied the Dermatend to the same skin tag, making it my third application. After using Dermatend on the same skin tag for the third time, it was quite noticeable that my skin tag had shrunk and was now half gone, and by that time my skin tag began to look slightly wrinkled. Each time that I applied the Dermatend to my skin tag, a thin scab formed and turned a charcoal color before eventually falling off in the shower. It took a total of six applications to completely remove my big skin tag, and it took a few weeks for my skin to heal, but the reddish color of my skin faded and eventually disappeared. Much to my surprise, I am happy to say that Dermatend really works.

Removing A Small Facial Mole With Dermatend

I also used Dermatend as recently as November 2009 on a small, partly ingrown Mole that was located next to my chin with very satisfactory results. The mole was knotty feeling and only needed one application of the Dermatend cream before it shrank and formed a very thin scab the next day. I did notice that my skin was slightly dry and flaky after the scab had formed so I decided to apply a little of the antibiotic ointment that came with my Dermatend kit. By the time the scab feel off, approximately three days later, my skin was a pink color and my skin was fine after applying my usual facial moisturizer. I did notice a very small crater where the mole use to be. But to my surprise and relief, the crater filled in a couple of days later. My facial mole has not grown back, and I am very pleased that it is no longer a part of my face.

The Cons of using Dermatend:

The itchy irritation I felt around the surrounding skin on my hip and the pink color my skin turned until the area, where the skin tag/mole use to be, healed.

The Pros of using Dermatend:

A savings of $250.00 dollars by using Dermatend instead of having my skin tag removed by my Dermatologist. No numbing shots or having my skin tag shaved off or cut out with a surgical instrument, getting stitches or having a noticeable, unattractive scar. No more pain or inflammation caused by my skin tag rubbing against my clothing or getting strands of my hair tangled on it. And best of all, NO MORE having to worry or feel embarrassed if someone sees the right side of my hip where the skin tag use to be. And you would never know that I use to have a little knotty mole by my chin.

A recap of the pros of using Dermatend:

It was safe to use, affordable, convenient, effective, reduced my chances of being left with a scar and FREED me from the hopelessness of always feeling self-conscious about my appearance. I would recommend Dermatend to anyone, and one tube of Dermatend removes both moles and skin tags so no separate purchase is necessary.

How To Get the Best Results Using Dermatend

Try to avoid scratching the surrounding skin area when using the file and carefully wipe away any excess Dermatend left on the surrounding skin, with a Q-tip. Dermatend is simple to apply if you are able to follow four easy steps that are in the directions. I recommend reading through the directions twice, before getting started and have everything that you need together in one place. I received an emery board file and toothpick with my order which is used to scrape or scratch your blemish. You then apply a hot wash cloth to the blemish in order to open up the pores of your blemish before applying the Dermatend. I prefer using a washable, medium grit, non-metal nail file rather than a plain emery board because they are more sanitary and reusable and don’ t feel quite as rough. They can be found at any beauty supply store for cheap. Because warts can be contagious with anything that has come in contact with one, I recommend throwing away any toothpicks or emery boards that have been used on warts.

Because natural mole and skin tag removal is a process, rather than instant removal with surgical instruments, your chances of scarring are greatly reduced if you care for the treated area properly. It is important that the area that has been treated, be kept clean at all times, in order for your skin to heal properly with minimal to no scarring. Peroxide and iodine are good antiseptics. Also apply a first aid cream or an antibiotic such as Neosporin or you may use the antibiotic that comes with your order. For itchy, irritated skin, try using a hydrocortisone cream, liquid Vitamin E or Aloe Vera gel on the surrounding skin and never scratch the area with your nails. Keep area that has been treated, covered with gauze or a waterproof bandage until the scab is ready to fall off. In some individuals, bandages made with latex or plastic can cause irritation.

The Average Cost of Surgery Versus Using a Home Remedy

Mole, wart, & skin tag removal is not covered by most health insurance providers due to being considered Cosmetic surgery. The fees charged by Dermatologists can range anywhere between $130-$400 USD per removal, depending on the size of your blemish and where you live. Part of the fee charged by a Dermatologist, usually includes the lab examination fee to check your mole, wart or skin tag for any abnormalities.

The Benefits of Using Dermatend Versus Surgical Removal:

(1) Safe to use

(2) Affordable

(3) Convenient

(4) Increased self-esteem

(5) No pain or bleeding

(6) As effective as surgery

(7) No more desperate and unsafe, home-made remedies such as using scissors to cut your blemish off yourself, duct tape or tying dental floss around the base of the mole, wart or skin tag.

(8) No more surgical razors, scalpels, lasers, numbing, freezing, burning, shaving or stitches required.

(9) Less chance of scarring

(10) Savings & value

(11) Being able to use discreetly in the privacy of your home.

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