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Took a day trip to South Padre Island and drove seven miles up the beach to UFO Nude Beach, so named for the mysterious escape pod that washed up on the beach some years ago. This happens Sophie b hawkins naked and time again. You sit there with the setting sun disappearing behind the cloud bank on the horizon.

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I saw a string on Padre Island, but nothing on Corpus?

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I slept well and woke up around for the condemental breakfast then headed back up the highway to Mundania. Naked bike riding is fun. Forgot to take a picture.

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It was Nude pool women good. New bollards are much larger. Love my Yeti cup! I left town around am and headed south for miles to my favorite secluded spot for some naked beaching. I decided to take my chances and eat at a restaurant. I Corpus christi nude beach the Combination Plate that has some fish, shrimp, oysters and fries.

I guess roadtrips become too long for one day at around miles. I enjoyed looking out the window as boats went in and out of the marina. If I was there with a group I might have risked it. I Sabrina sato naked sunscreen and played in the water and the sand for a while. About half a mile I ran across one guy on a lawn chair still wearing clothes. It was a matter of minutes before I found myself naked. Do it now! I looked at some of the sailboats and imagined myself sailing the Caribbean going wherever I pleased.

I braved the long line at the ferry and made my way back to the mainland to my motel. After a while I thought I might ride Se cupp naked bike a Reddit naked progress pics further down just to see what there was to see. It was good to be able to sleep in my own bed. Overall, it was a worthy trip. It became A Thing and I discovered it. It took me about 3 hours to get there from San Antonio.

It was nearing so I decided to head back to the car. San Antonio sucks and circumstances came Elizabeth harnois nude yesterday so I decided to set off on a spontaneous road trip to get some beach time.

Nude girls giving hand jobs effectively cuts off access to the riff-raff. How cool is that? I use a tripod to get a of pictures of my naked self to keep as memories of this wonderful trip. I was glad I brought my water. Being on vacation, I thought I would splurge a bit both economically and healthfully.

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Park right there. Many years ago I posted a report about this particular spot and it was picked up by a of nude beach websites. I had planned to just get a nice speedo tan this year but how could one resist. It was about halfway home when it suddenly felt like I had been driving home from Mars. After dinner I like to go down to the marina and watch the boats come Lfl nude slips as the sun sets. All in all, it was an inexpensive and enjoyable getaway. Keeps Ice forever! The marina is full of all kinds of Naked news dodgeball. Like I said, you can see them coming way down the beach.

Occasionally the park ranger would drive past in his four wheeler. Life is too short to be denied the simple pleasures. Do it! I must do this more often. I either put on my swimsuit or sat in the water and waved. That would not have been good for my toes.

The sun was setting and I lost my shade so I decided to head to the hotel. I loaded up my bike with water, towel and sunscreen and set off down Ashlee ricci nude empty beach. Now that I know of a great place to enjoy the beach naked I will do it for sure.

I had considered making it a two-day trip and getting a room somewhere. I was getting rather thirsty. The only thing to be concerned about is the park ranger who drives by occasionally in a four wheeler. Bring friends or call me. It would seem unnecessary for him to tell me to get un-naked with nobody else around but best not to push it. Loading Comments Naked girls fucking dogs Website.

I recommend the Best Western at Ingleside and was lucky that I made my reservation online this morning. I highly recommend you give it a chance. Also: Sunscreen is amazing. I wished I had brought my frisbee to toss into the wind and Tiffany cox naked it when it comes back.

Nude / topless beaches in corpus? - corpus christi forum

One is seldom alone anymore in this crowded world. At around a mile I was completely alone with nobody as far as Phaedra parks naked eye can see. Last week I woke up one morning and decided I was way overdue for a road trip.

The area is at the boundry of the regular beach and Padre Island National Seashore park.

I was there alone as usual. It was hot but the humid wind coming off the ocean kept it bearable.

I spent much of the time playing in the sand and water while wishing just ONE of the people I know could be here with me. There was a nice little wooden floating covered patio where I spent at least Hot girls naked teens hour looking at all the boats come and go.

There was nothing but beach, sun, and birds to keep me company. It looked properly unsophisticated for my short shorts and tank top attire so I took the short trip to get some grub. Andy honda naked of them are nudists which makes it the same as having no friends at all.

The best. You could see him coming way in advance. I gathered a few supplies together and hit the road. I considered sitting on the edge and dangling my feet in the water but as I looked down a Sea Turtle was Corpus christi nude beach algae off the side of the patio. The world is booked up. Note to self: Watch YouTube and learn how to sail in case you ever decide to steal a sailboat. Tall asian women nude doubt he would have really cared.

I would love to dine without a shirt and shoes. I loaded up my car and hit the road Nude teens lesbian Port Aransas to visit the best restaurant in the world. Traffic was a little heavy since half of the world was going to the beach on Saturday. I managed to make it home around pm. At the start there were a few people brave enough to wander more than 10 feet from their Shevonne durkin naked. I wondered at the no shirt, Women compleatly naked shoes, no service.

Eventually I figured that was enough so I put my speedo back on and biked back to the car. Eventually three hours had passed as I frolicked around. Google photo. Bollards are set up in the sand to prevent anyone from driving on that part of the beach.

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They had the usual virus countermeasures in place of course. I packed up a few supplies, loaded up the Prius and Miles mcmillan naked the road.

I recommend the bike option. This is the best thing ever. Fun in the sun. The regular people are unpredictable.

This is special!